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Welcome here in my LJ !

I'm a French girl , in her mid-twenties, very nice and polite sooo If you want to add me and we become friends, please leave a comment in this post first and if we have common interests or know each other in rl I'll add you in return ^^

I have many interests in life, please check them before...
I'm very open minded and love meeting people from other countries and cultures so if you speak english (or French ^^), if you don't want to criticize and be mean with my beloved boys/favourite bands/dear friends, don't hesitate, I'll be glad to friend you !

The graphic or scans posts will remain public forever so no need to add me only for that. My personnal stuff will be locked only for my friends (So be aware that these posts may be very random, full of fangirling, cooking, crazyness, sharing songs and texts...)

epic fail

Wallpapers Index


This is an Index for all the walls I made. It will be updated each time I make a wallpaper post ^^

The Wallies are here for your pleasure, you can take it freely BUT :
* Don't repost. Just link to this Index or the related post.
* Give credit. Don't claim them as yours...
* If you can drop a comment it would be ♥

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Kitchen killer

happy new year in songs ♫


I hope 2012 will bring you fantastic things ♥

As the year started i asked myself... if i was on a desert island with just the capacity of 100 songs in my mp3 player, which songs would i chose ?

So here is the result, the 100 songs i love the most. Choices have been difficult to make especially concerning Kanjani 8 songs, as i love so many of them. I didn't include their last album either because it didn't have time to mature enough in my head. But i think that at least three songs of it would be included ^^

I think we get to know people through the music they listen... for me it's an interesting way to introduce myself ^^

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One day off ? wallpapers 8D

I was feeling good today, day off, relaxing on my bed, and for te first time in a while i did some walls...
Feel free to take them if they please you ^^ ...

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As Usual,
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*Comments are ♥

Bye~ Have a nice week~

Travel blog ^^


It's in Frenc but if you want to have a glimpse of our program and some pictures taken there, don't hesitate to go ^^

Blog AsiaSWT 


 And just to put some colours in this post, a few pictures of the site where I currently work as a guide ♥ (needless to say, i'm in love with the building =D) And i'm soooo lucky to meet people from all the world everyday in my guided tours ^^"


 The Auditorium ♥

 The Grand Foyer

And there are a lot of other amazing places in this Opera... yeah. I'm in love.

HOLIDAYS will be in only one little week \o/

And the trip will start in two little little little weeks \o/ \o/


hmph -___- Can't stand moving out.

I SO want to be next wednesday evening. Exams will be over. And moving out my appartment too. Can't stand the boxes anymore... the things forgotten and found again that bring unwanted memories. Close boxes on my precious cds and dvds, my precious books etc...and i don't know when i'll be touching them again. 7 years living daily here... and i'm leaving in three days. May it pass very fast -_-

Eito are helping me again to survive these times... and my Friends ♥♥
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Feeling like loosing something great

Me and [info]mckinder  cancelled our trip to Japan eventually. There are many reasons ( it would be very long to list here ) for our decision the first one being that we don't want to be unconfortable or worried during 3 weeks regarding food and water (our families were dead worried until the cancelling... and that counts too). And that japanese people are going through a very hard time and our trip would be... sad. It took an eternity for us to just think about cancelling... one of the most painful decision in my life :/

Still... our dream is still alive, we'll go to japan next year or in 2013, there is no way we can spent our lives without going there.

We are ... kind of depressed right now. We can't imagine staying at home during july waiting for the days to pass and forgot our lost trip. So we decided to travel to China instead. China was n°2 on our list... so if we succeed in organising this in less than three months, well, w'ell be at least happy to travel and discover wonderful things.

Japan is postponned. Only that. Because it will always be n°1 in my heart ♥